History of bonesetting

Traditional bonesetting is old but still widely used Finnish care tradition. At the moment bonesetting is booming. Bonesetting used to be a treatment process only known by a few healer families who taught the knowledge only to their children or close relatives whom they saw worthy and suitable to continue the tradition.


Bonesetting tradition has been very strong in Ostrobothnia, especially in Kaustinen. Mother of today’s knowledge was late Iina Känsälä who was fifth generation bonesetter in her family. Also Pentti Penttilä is a well-known master healer from Kaustinen and also one of my many teachers.


Kaustinen Wellness Centre (Kansanlääkintäkeskus) was established more than 20 years ago. There traditional bonesetting and academic medicine are both practiced side by side. Academic medicine and bonesetting did not use to be able to communicate due to their different languages not understood by the opposing side. Doctors spoke Latin where as the naturopaths had their own folksy sayings concerning their care traditions.


Naturopath/Assistant physiotherapist Leila Kattilakoski has written the material for the bonesetting basic courses and advanced courses where the language of naturopathy has been translated to the language of anatomy. Naturopathy or bonesetting is not singing healing songs or other mysticism. It is based entirely on anatomy. It takes the knowledge of anatomy to practical level.